Woman Who Flung Her Boys off Overpass Got Custody of Her Kids Despite Conviction for Attacking Rival Woman with a Knife

Dallas, TX–“In 2004, CPS investigators found that the boys were unkempt and wore dirty clothes. Officials provided Ms. Busby with services including day care, food, clothing, help with utilities, and parenting skills training.

“The following year, investigators received a report of a domestic violence incident between Ms. Busby and her then-boyfriend. She was arrested, and the two boys were placed in foster care.

“They remained there for several months until a judge returned them to Ms. Busby…

“Her criminal history includes charges of assault, trespassing and burglary.

“In 2002, Ms. Busby was sentenced to a year in the county jail after finding another woman in her boyfriend’s home, attacking her with a knife, and stealing her purse.

“In 2005, she was accused of scratching a Dallas County detention officer. That case is pending.

A knife attack, arrests for domestic violence, assault and burglary–nice lady. One can see why CPS would give her her kids.

I wonder where the kids’ dad(s) are? Did they abandon their kids? Or were they driven away by this violent, dangerous, vicious lunatic? If anybody hears anything, please let me know.

The article quoted above is the Dallas Morning News’ Family was on a rocky road before mother flung boys, self from I-30 overpass (3/13/08). Note the way the reporter describes the would-be murderer as “troubled”–a word generally not applied to men who murder children.

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