Is This You? Reporter Looking for Divorced Dads Who Feel Usurped by Their Ex-Wives’ New Husbands

Los Angeles, CA–I was recently contacted by a reporter who is looking for divorced fathers who feel their place in their families and their kids’ lives has been usurped by their ex-wives’ new husbands. According to the reporter:

“The piece will be on stepfathers and how they complicate the father/child relationship…guys who feel usurped in their role, not men who feel that the stepfather is abusive.”

If this is you, please send me a 100 word summary by clicking here.

Interestingly, we have discussed several Country & Western songs about divorced dads which center on this theme. A couple examples are:

1) Country and Western singer Toby Keith’s Who’s That Man?. (If you want to shed a tear, watch the last 20 seconds of this video.)

2) Doug Supernaw’s ‘I Don’t Call Him Daddy’.

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