Soldier’s 11-Year-Old Girl’s ‘One Repeated Wish’-for Her Dad to Come Home (Video)

“Siri”s parents are divorced. While living with her mother, she has been able to talk or e-mail with her father just about every day. But her one repeated wish, particularly over the past few weeks, was for her father to come home.”

Los, Angeles, CA–The link to the story is here, but the first section of the video is the best part–watch it here. Then watch it again and again

I also commend the father’s ex-wife for facilitating his contact with their daughter.

“Very little comment here, save for this small aside: that the ties of flesh are deep and strong, that the capacity to love is a vital, rich and all-consuming function of the human animal, and that you can find nobility and sacrifice and love wherever you may seek it out; down the block [or] in the heart…”–Rod Serling

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