Remember, Women Don’t Lie About Rape & Abuse


Los Angeles, CA–Feminists often say that “Women Don’t Lie” when it comes to rape and abuse. We’ve recounted countless examples of false rape and abuse claims here on my blog, and detailed some of the research on the issue.

In this light, it was interesting to see the recent hoax that a College Republican/McCain campaign volunteer played this week. Ashley Todd successfully garnered enormous media attention with her claim that a black male Obama supporter had viciously attacked her. It was a lie and a fabrication.

Video of CNN’s Rick Sanchez discussing the story is above. To their credit, CNN apparently refused to initially run the story, fearing it was a hoax. They were correct.

Sanchez said:

Part of the story is the fact that it was reported by the media. We would not be telling the story now had it not been carried by so many outlets. As I mentioned before, it was mentioned on, as a matter of fact I have a list and not to mention names, but the initials of the news organizations are Fox News, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Newsday. And also radio talk show hosts went on their radio stations and talked ad infinitum about the story yesterday…

Interesting too are the comments of the Pittsburgh Assistant Police Chief. She said that the police immediately suspected it was a hoax but, despite being very busy, police investigators worked feverishly through the night to solve the case. A few points:

1) Sounds like the police often deal with false claims, since they immediately suspected a hoax.

2) Male police investigators worked feverishly to help a woman who made a very suspicious rape claim–funny behavior, considering they’re part of the American patriarchy, where men matter and women don’t.

3) It just breaks my heart to see the false accuser in handcuffs (pictured). Perhaps due to the publicity we’ll see the rarest of things–a woman actually prosecuted properly for making a false accusation.

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