On the Subject of Fathers Who Serve in Iraq…(Video)

Dallas, TX–I recently noted that several of our readers who are stationed in Iraq have been writing and calling Dallas Area Rapid Transit to protest their anti-father domestic violence posters.

(To see the posters, which were made by the Dallas-area domestic violence service provider The Family Place, and to join our campaign, click here.)

On the subject of fathers who serve in Iraq, there are two incredibly touching videotaped homecomings of fathers and their children which we’ve had on this blog. I’m reproducing them below.

The only thing I don’t know is which one is more beautiful.

The one thing I do know, though, is that fathers do not deserve to be stereotyped as batterers and abusers, as the DART/Family Place ads do.

The reunion of Sailor Bill Hawes (pictured), who came home from Iraq and snuck into his little son’s kindergarten class, is below.

The reunion of 11-year-old Siri Jordan with her father Dan is pictured (right)–to watch the video, click here.


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