Texas Legislator Allen Vaught-‘A tireless supporter of Parental Rights and the Constitution’

Dallas, TX–From Texas Parental Rights activist Dave Cary regarding Texas legislator Allen Vaught (pictured):

We have the man we need to support in Texas right now. Allen Vaught is the incumbent legislator for Texas District 107 and is facing stiff opposition from people who don”t see the value of both parents being active in a child”s life. They are employing some pretty dirty tactics.

Allen has been a tireless supporter of Parental Rights and the Constitution. He believes that Parental Rights, even in the event of a divorce, should not be modified except by agreement of both parents in an equal playing field, or the establishment of the unfitness of a parent through due process of law. After all, this is the Constitution many of us risked our lives to protect and defend.

Allen is well respected in the Texas house and a member of the House Juvenile Justice and Family Interest Committee, the committee to issue bills concerning Parental Rights. He is also Vice-Chair of the House Jurisprudence Committee. He is an Iraqi war veteran (captain in the cavalry). He has agreed to sponsor and actively support a bill protecting Parental Rights in the event of a divorce during the 81st Session and has already contributed concretely to this end. He is not just talk.

This is the man and this is the hour. If you live in District 107, please vote for him and place yard signs; if you are not in District 107, please contact your local politicians and express your admiration for Allen and Parental Rights. In any event, please send your donations to Allen”s campaign.

He is the real deal. To donate, click here. He can be reached by email at His website is

Elect Allen Vaught
P.O. Box 140248
Dallas, Texas 75214

1350 N. Buckner, Ste 210
Dallas, Texas 75218
Phone: 214-826-7179

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