Heather Mills Has Spent $15 Million of Her Divorce Payout but She’s Still a Victim

Los Angeles, CA–Apparently Heather Mills (pictured)┬áhas been quite busy since her divorce from former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney. She has already gone through 10 million pounds of her divorce settlement, has turned her East Sussex home into a fortress, is constantly followed around by a hired lackey who video films every detail of her life, and is being sued by her daughter”s long-standing nanny, Sara Trumble for sexual discrimination. Per an article written in the Daily Mail Online on January 2, 2009:

The claim – for sexual discrimination, intimidation and constructive dismissal – apparently came as a complete shock when Heather’s long-standing nanny lodged it with an employment tribunal in Kent last week.

The article goes on to further outline Miss Trumble”s complaints against Heather Mills:

Her decision to sue has left Heather ‘devastated’, says Joe Dolce, the New York based publicist brought in last year with the seemingly impossible task of repairing her shattered public image. ‘For years she has treated Sara as a member of the family.’

Be that as it may, how many relatives are summoned to report for duty at 7.30am to blow dry their loved one’s tresses? Or, to spray fake tan on a family member’s naked body?

These are tasks which Miss Trumble alleges her boss, Heather, ordered her to carry out, as well as insisting that she should work as late as midnight. Given that she was ostensibly employed as Beatrice’s nanny, it seems understandable that she should jib at such demands.

Should Miss Trumble prevail in court it will cost Heather Mills dearly which could be a problem considering how fast Mills has been spending the 24.3 million pound divorce award she received from Sir Paul last summer. She has already spent around 10 million pounds and is looking for properties to buy in London and Los Angeles, California even as the combined value of her homes in East Sussex and Hove is dropping by 50,000 pounds a month.

More from the article:

During her protracted divorce negotiations, Sir Paul was at pains to insist that financial provision for Beatrice should be settled separately from that of Heather – and it is increasingly easy to understand why.

As well as squandering ludicrous sums on her bloated entourage (her vastly more famous former husband, in contrast, has a single personal assistant and no security) she stated in court that she had a reasonable need for seven multi-million pound properties dotted around the globe.

All of this is characteristically dressed up as being essential for her charity commitments.

Then too, Mills spent 20,000 pounds on a Caribbean holiday for 20 friends last year, and with that action a large part of a million pounds was gone in the blink of an eye. It is no wonder Sir Paul expressed great concern in court that at some point in time Mills will be back on his doorstep looking for an additional hand out.

The entire article can be found here.

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