She admits she framed him, but he’s still charged

Little Rock, AK–Let’s see, do I have this right?  I think so.

Lela Churchwell got jealous of her boyfriend Kevin Robinson’s apparently innocent relationship with a teenaged girl.  So, using Robinson’s video camera, she secretly filmed the girl in the shower.  Then she hit him on the head with a shovel “two or three times.”  Then she tried to convince him that he had taken the photos while drunk.   Then she lied to the police about all of the above.  Then she admitted being a pathological liar and doing all of this to set him up and get him in trouble with authorities.

The police of course have a solution to all of this – arrest and charge the man!  What else?

And get this: one of the charges against Robinson is making “comments of a sexual nature” to the teenager.  Huh?  That’s a criminal act?

At least they arrested her too.  I guess that’s their definition of equal justice.

Read all about it right here (Northwest Arkansas Times, 1/2/09).

Thanks to Matt and Tony for the heads-up.

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