Governor Sarah Palin: Did She Make False Allegations Against a Father?

St. Paul, Minnesota–Since the Republican Vice Presidential nomination of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin last week, the media has been buzzing over Palin”s politics, personal life, and how the two mix.

One issue that has seen some press involves Palin, Alaskan State Trooper Mike Wooten and the dismissal of Alaska”s Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan.

Trooper Wooten was involved in a bitter custody battle with Palin”s sister, Molly McCann. Palin hired a private investigator to observe Wooten in order to determine whether Wooten was a threat to McCann and the rest of the family. The private investigator brought forth several accusations, including domestic violence, drunk driving and using a taser on a 10-year-old-child.

Based on these accusations, the State Troopers began an investigation into Wooten. They upheld several accusations and did not substantiate many more. This resulted in a five day suspension from the force and a warning that Wooten would get only one more chance as a State Trooper.

Once Palin was elected Governor, Walter Monegan was added to the mix. As the Public Safety Commissioner, Monegan had the power to fire State Troopers–a power that he felt pressured by Palin to use. According to Monegan, Palin asked him to fire Wooten. He refused, and Palin fired him instead. Palin stated that she fired him for reasons unrelated to Wooten, while Monegan claims that Wooten was in fact the cause of his firing.

The dismissal of Monegan came as a shock to many in the political realm, including Alaska politician Andrew Halcro who stated Monegan”s firing was an abuse of power and questioned Palin”s true motives. However, Halcro, who ran against Palin during the 2006 race for Governor, may not be an objective source on the matter. To read Halcro”s statement, click here.

After reviewing numerous articles on Governor Sarah Palin, Fathers & Families cannot conclude that Palin knowingly made false allegations against Mr. Wooten.

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