Todd Palin, Renaissance Dad

Juneau, Alaska–As the First Gentleman of Alaska, Todd Palin, married to Governor Sarah Palin, is truly a Renaissance Dad.

Todd Palin has always worked hard and played hard. Prior to becoming a stay-at-home dad in December 2006, Palin worked for British Petroleum and as a salmon fisherman on the Nushugak River.

Being the primary caretaker of five children would tire any man or woman, but not Todd Palin. He makes time for both his family and his fun. He is a snowmobiling expert and competes in the 1,971 mile Tesoro Iron Dog race. But even with a rigorous training routine, Palin manages to keep family first by training during the early morning hours or late at night to maximize family time.

If he”s not busy cooking and paying bills, Palin is cheering for his children at their extracurricular activities. His wife Sarah credits Palin with keeping their home life organized “like a well-oiled machine,’ which gives her confidence to do her job as Governor of Alaska and now as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate.

Todd Palin has created a lifestyle that works for him and his family, by not choosing exclusively work, family or fun, but managing all of these, putting family first.

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