Glenn Debates DART Campaign on CNN

Los Angeles, CA–I debated our campaign against anti-father Dallas bus ads on CNN’s Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell yesterday afternoon. Velez-Mitchell is a passionate women’s advocate who framed the issue in terms of what she called “The War Against Women.”

Many of the claims in the parade of women-as-victim stats are questionable, as are many of the domestic violence establishment’s claims about violence against women.

To learn more about some of the research I discussed, click here, then click on “To depict only males as perpetrators of domestic violence…”

To watch the debate, click here or see below. To learn more about our campaign and to join us, click here.

[BTW, I was ID’d on the show as “The spokesperson for Fathers & Families,” which isn’t quite accurate–I’ve worked with Fathers & Families on this campaign and others, but I’m not their spokesperson.]


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