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Fathers & Families’ Glenn Sacks Quoted on Divorce in Huffington Post

December 20, 2010

huff-po-logoFathers and Families Executive Director Glenn Sacks is quoted in the recent Huffington Post piece If You Were More Religious, Would You Have Stayed Married? (12/17/10). Author Jill Brooke writes:

Many of my colleagues in the divorce business lament how too many throw in the towel too early. The pursuit of personal happiness at all costs has trumped the value of loyalty and commitment.

“Religion is one of the few institutions in society which requires and emphasizes introspection,” says Glenn Sacks, the National Executive Director of Fathers and Families.

“Too many divorces are initiated haphazardly and unnecessarily. Some of these marriages–not all, but some–could be saved and revived if the parties were more honest with themselves about their own failings, fairer and more realistic in their expectations for their partners, and more deeply concerned about the negative effect divorce often has upon children. These values–honesty, humility, forgiveness, and concern for others–are common religious values.”

Fathers and Families takes no position on religion in general nor on any religion in particular. However, we do believe that introspection, whether religious or nonreligious, is important for a successful marriage and family life.

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