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F & F of Ohio’s Hubin Quoted in 10 Newspapers on the Impact of Divorce on Marriage Rates

December 20, 2010

hubin-quoted-12-20-10Donald Hubin, Ph.D., Chairman of Fathers and Families of Ohio”s Executive Committee, was quoted in 10 Ohio newspapers over the weekend concerning men’s fear of divorce and the family court system.

Reporter Jessica Alaimo of the Media Network of Central Ohio wrote:

One observer points to a cause of the trepidation on men’s part: The change in their pocket just isn’t enough.

“Lower-income males are not very marriageable,” said Donald Hubin, executive director of Fathers and Families Ohio, a group dedicated to family court reform.

Hubin said men are marriage-shy.

“People say, ‘What’s the point of getting married when it will end in divorce?'” he said.

Hubin said men have concerns about obligations family courts will impose on them. The organization recently lobbied against a bill that would have raised child support obligations.

To read the full article, see the Media Network of Central Ohio’s In Ohio, single men outnumber single women (12/20/10).

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