Dad’s a Fool in Pizza Hut Commercial

In this Pizza Hut ad, mom and the kids are horrified that dad is going to make dinner, because, of course, he can’t cook and only hip, smart mommy knows how to take care of the kids and run things.

The commercial is supposed to be funny, and I suppose it would be if it weren’t the thousandth time I’ve seen the “dad as idiot” theme. Chris, the reader who sent this to me, asks, “Why are men always the butt of the joke?” and that’s about how I feel, too.

In the picture, the mother, who’s assigned the standard role of “yes kids, we know dad’s a fool but don’t say anything,” is shocked–shocked!–that hubby came up with a good dinner. A good dinner he bought at Pizza Hut, of course.

To watch the commercial, click here or see below. To watch some other videos of “dad as idiot” TV commercials, click here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, or just turn on your television for 75 seconds.


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