Atlanta TV Station Investigates Abusive Practices by Private Child Support Collector

Atlanta, GA–Dana Fowle (pictured, center) of Fox 5 News in Atlanta recently did a two-part series on the abuses committed by a private child support collection agency. According to Georgia officials, one of the collection agencies operating in Georgia deceived both custodial mothers and noncustodial fathers into thinking that they are a government agency with state power. According to the station, the agency “Threatens to throw [fathers] in jail–even when they’ve paid,” and builds in numerous hidden “fees” so that little of the money the fathers pay actually gets to the custodial mothers.
The fees are in addition to the 35% they take of everything they collect. The first TV report deals with the problems faced by mothers, and the second one focuses on the problems the agencies create for fathers. To watch, click here and here.

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