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April 25, 2020 The Southeast Missourian “Legislature should resume shared parenting progress” Linda Reutzel, Chair, National Parents Organization of Missouri

SE Missourian

April 25, 2020 by Linda Reutzel, Chair, National Parents Organization of Missouri

Given the coronavirus upending our way of life, Americans are depending on elected and appointed officials to safeguard our health and economy. However, we as citizens also have the responsibility to stand up for our American way of life. This means we have to be even more vigilant about protecting our freedoms and the rule of law.

When it comes to the social justice issue of shared parenting, our momentum in Missouri before the crisis was right on target to pass this session. There is still no reason that passage shouldn’t still occur.

Thanks to the efforts of two of Cape Girardeau’s finest, state Sen. Wayne Wallingford, and state Rep. Kathy Swan, the momentum for their shared parenting bills is still there.

Of course, the priority should be to safeguard all Missourians health and financial well-being. While we want to be sure that our legislators are safe, social distancing is not an excuse to end the debate on such important legislation.

When the Missouri session resumes, a way to continue the regular order of business must be found.

What ultimately matters: Children need and want equal access to both parents and both extended families.

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