A Touching Pro-Father Ad or…

Los Angeles, CA–…to damn with faint praise? Reader Kelly recently sent me the “We need our dads” from Kelly really liked the ad and said, “It really hit home to me how many men get prostate cancer and how many other lives it affects.” I’m certainly glad someone is doing something about prostate cancer, which is badly underfunded compared to beast cancer. (To learn more about the health-funding inequalities between men and women, see my co-authored column When Men’s Health Doesn’t Count,
Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, 10/9/02). Still, the commercial somehow seems underwhelming, as if all dads do is play ball with the kids. Of course, ads are short and do have to greatly simplify. I suppose women’s advocates could point to ads which simplify mothers as only being nags and/or worrywarts. What do readers think? To watch the ad, click here or see below. [youtube:]

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