Court Allows Mom to Take Girl to Australia for Short Work Assignment and Guess What Happens?

Troup, GA–Post-divorce move-ways often terminate the bond between the children and the noncustodial parent, generally the father. (To learn more about move-aways/relocation cases, see my co-authored column Is a Pool More Important than a Dad?, San Francisco Chronicle, 5/4/04, or click here.)

Recently I received a letter from Wendy, who told me about her husband’s move-away case. Beyond being very sad, it illustrates a point I often make about move-aways–once the mother has moved the kids away, it is very difficult to get her to comply with court orders.

Wendy writes:

In 2001 a Georgia court allowed my husband’s ex-wife to take their four year old daughter to Australia on a one to two year “work assignment.”  Since then she has been fired by the company she went to Australia to work for, has worked for two other companies, dragged my husband back to Court when he got behind on his child support and stated that she was living with a man and had no intention of returning to the United States. The Court said, “OK”. 

Georgia (Troup County) should be ashamed of themselves.  My husband has never had his daughter on her birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas.  He is allowed to visit her twice a year in Australia (who has that kind of money or vacation time) for two weeks (which he has to forfeit because he can’t afford to go) and his ex is required to bring her back to the US twice a year for two weeks each (he never gets two weeks as she takes four days travel time out of each visit). 

It is the most horrendous, ridiculous situation I have ever been witness to!  My husband has been forced through bankruptcy, fought depression and it almost ruined our marriage. His daughter will be twelve years old this year.

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