‘Wicked Women’ Ad Promotes DV, Violence Against Men

It’s not enough that men don’t live as long as women. It’s not enough that, in the Iraq war, 97.5% of U.S. fatalities were men, or that the rate was far higher in Viet Nam and previous wars. It’s not enough that those killed in violent crimes or in on-the-job accidents are overwhelmingly men. It’s not even enough that the MSM routinely elide any reference to the sex of victims of accidents, the dead in warfare or political atrocities as long as those victims are male.
And it’s not enough that we’ve had almost 40 years of proclaiming that “there’s no excuse for domestic violence” while pretending that women don’t harm their male partners. No, despicable as all that is, it’s not as bad as this. Overlooking the deaths of men is one thing; promoting them is another. And that’s exactly what the video linked to does. It’s an advertisement for the Discovery ID show “Wicked Women.” How wicked are they? The ad shows a swimsuit-clad beauty reclining on the beach. Languidly she sips champagne and nibbles a strawberry. We see a closeup of her wedding ring-bedecked finger and quite a rock it is! But then the camera pans away from her toward the water in whose shallows lies a man’s body face down with a knife in his back. Given the wedding ring shot, we conclude that he was her husband. She smirks; end of ad. So it looks like domestic violence is OK after all. Even killing your husband with a knife to his back is treated as, well, sexy. Ladies, just murder your husband and you too can have an hourglass figure, great skin and lips to die for. It’s a “You Go Girl!” moment. In the past, those who have objected violently to any depiction in pop culture that could conceivably be interpreted as a slight against women, have managed to excuse things like the Wicked Women ad. One excuse is “hey, it’s a joke; where’s your sense of humor?” To that, I can only say that exactly those words were said to feminists 30 and 40 years ago. They were having none of it. And to this day, let an ad show a woman scantily attired and feminists will rage that it renders her a “sex object.” And yet the Wicked Women ad gets a pass. Don’t believe me? Let’s tune in to the NOW website to see if they condemn it, as they should if they maintain any pretense of gender equality. Then there’s this more recent dodge: “the advertising industry is dominated by men; therefore, since men made the ad, it can’t be misandric.” Now, I confess that that excuse is actually so lame as to be incomprehensible, at least by me; it fails on so many levels it’s hard to grasp. Suffice it to say that every expression is either misandric or not regardless of who produces it, and this one clearly is. And let’s not overlook the obvious – that if a similar ad featured a sexy hunk of a man and his dead wife, feminists would never stop screaming. Where are the voices of those gender-neutrality warriors now? Sexism is one thing when it’s done in ways that don’t promote things that the targeted sex uniquely suffers. In those cases, it may be regrettable, but at least the sexism stands on its own. But Wicked Women’s sexism promotes the murder of men, specifically domestic violence against men. Given that women commit half of all DV and that men die from violent crime of all kinds at more than twice the rate of women, the Wicked Women ad is uniquely offensive. Someone should tell its producers that killing men is not funny; it’s not alluring; it’s not acceptable. Selling your product by promoting the murder of men and husbands is wrong. The piece should be pulled from the air immediately.

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