We Want Young Dads to Be Responsible Fathers-but All Hell Breaks Loose If They Actually Do It…

A letter from a reader:

“Dear Glenn:

“My 16 year old son is one of a kind, the one most mothers of teenage daughters would love to have if teen pregnancy was an issue. He works and goes to school straight A student. He did however get his girlfriend pregnant. But he has stepped up and took the responsibility from day one. He has gone out and bought a crib, Bassinet, and swing. He tries to go to the doctor’s appointments and even schedules his job around them. But his girlfriend’s mother is a controlling one–she doesn’t want my son to be a part of this child’s life.

“I just don’t get it. There are so many teenagers that would have ran at the first word ‘pregnant.’ Not him–he wants to be a part, he wants to be there when the baby is delivered, and he wants to be in his life everyday for the late night feedings and the diaper changes. Yet her mother has done everything in her power to keep him from whatever she can.

“I have done so much research on what is my sons rights and there isn’t a whole lot out there. Does he have rights? His girlfriend would like to live here with the baby and my son in our home and finish high school. We are behind them 100 %, but the mother says no.

“She recently went and filed for emancipation from her mother. She will be 17 in a few months and we are not sure if the judge will grant it to her. Although for the unborn child and the mother and father we do hope the judge sees the importance of them wanting to be parents and raising the child.

“They have carefully planned how they will finish high school and go to college. I sure am proud that I have raised my son to be so responsible for his actions. Who does this woman think she is? If you can give me any advice on anything we can do so that this child will have his father in his life I would greatly appreciate it. The baby is due in a few weeks–we are at a stand still with this.

“Thank you

“A loving mother”

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