‘We had joint custody until I got a job as a firefighter..I never expected that would be used to take away custody’

Huntsville, AL–“Nine years ago Chris Hobbs and his wife divorced. At the time the two had joint custody. Then, Chris got a job as a Huntsville Firefighter. “‘So when I became a firefighter in January of 2005, the last thing I would have expected that would be used as a basis of a lawsuit and then that would be used to take my child away from me,’ said Hobbs. But that’s what has happened in the end result as we stand right now.’“His hours as a firefighter changed his schedule, but Chris never thought it changed his ability to be a parent. The courts didn’t see it that way when his wife filed for primary custody.
“‘I have standard visitation which isn’t followable because of my job as a firefighter,’ said Hobbs… “Chris Hobbs says right now he gets to see his son maybe one to two times a week, or sometimes not at all.”–WHNT TV, Huntsville, Alabama Reader Chris Hobbs has been pushing to get more time with his 11-year-old son Blake, and has been doing well promoting his cause. The full article is Why is a Man Posting Signs Against a Local Judge? (5/7/08). There’s also a TV interview with Hobbs which can be found on One of the things I liked about Hobbs’ interview is that he stressed that he wasn’t doing this out of a personal grudge against the judge, he was doing it for his son. Hobbs’ website is He is pictured above with his son–with the judge in the middle.

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