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Virginian-Pilot Publishes Op-ed by National Parents Organization of Virginia Chair Christian Paasch

December 8, 2014

On Dec. 7, 2014, the Virginian-Pilot published the op-ed “The best interests of the child” by National Parents Organization of Virginia Chair Christian Paasch. In the opinion piece, Paasch points to National Parents Organization’s Shared Parenting Report Card on the need for shared parenting.

“Let’s go back to June Cleaver for a moment and put ourselves in her shoes. Because as ridiculous as that might seem, that is exactly the kind of mindset in which the vast majority of our family courts currently operate. Today, most family courts routinely award sole custody following divorce or separation as the default. That’s despite research that clearly shows shared parenting – where both parents, who are proven to be competent, are fully engaged in their children’s lives – is best for children,” Paasch wrote in the op-ed.

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