Utah Shared Parenting Law Goes Into Effect: Big Media Hit

May 20, 2015
By Ned Holstein, MD, MS, Founder and Acting Executive Director, National Parents Organization

On May 6, we reported on a new custody law in Utah that would give most “non-custodial” parents a minimum of 145 days of parenting time — about 40%. That law has now gone into effect. This law was passed because of the hard work and determination of the Utah chapter of National Parents Organization, led by Janet Robins, David Daniels and Dan Deuel.

National Parents Organization’s Public Relations and Education firm, Proventus Consulting, went to work to publicize the new law. The interest of the Utah media has been impressive. As of press time, the following media have run stories on the new law:

Anyone who wants to help the Utah leadership as they gear up to win the next battle is invited to contact Dan Deuel at

One reply on “Utah Shared Parenting Law Goes Into Effect: Big Media Hit”

it’s not shared parenting if dad is still paying child support (and he likely still is). if the father gets to “parent” his child (good luck with that) 40% or more of the time but is still paying 17% of his gross income (more than 65% of his take-home pay – or any amount for that matter) to mom then he’s just the free baby-sitter while mom and her boyfriend get to enjoy their excessive life-styles at dad’s expense with the money which dad works hard for. and now he even has to parent the children on top of everything else. and likely the father really truly does live below the threshold for poverty (and mom doesn’t) so now the child either lives in a truly impoverished household with dad or an abusive one with mom and her boyfriend. there is no legal solution to this dilemma of child support. shared parenting certainly isn’t it. just makes the problem worse for dad. and still makes the Divorce Industry rich. nothing to see. move along.

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