US Boy Kidnapped to Italy Being Subjected to Psychological ‘Treatment’ for Abuse That Italian Social Services Admits Never Happened columnist Barbara Thompson, a frequent commenter on, has been covering the Liam McCarty parental kidnapping/child custody case. During a custody battle in New York, McCarty’s mother had made numerous allegations of abuse against the boy’s father but investigations by the NYPD, New York District Attorney’s Office, Children’s Services, and numerous court-appointed mental health professionals all found the accusations to be “unfounded,” “baseless,” and “false.”

After the father got custody, Liam was kidnapped by his mother in 2007 and taken out of the country in violation of a NY court order. After arriving in Italy, Italian officials determined that she was an unfit mother and placed the boy in an orphanage. For more details, see Thompson’s column American father Michael McCarty fights to rescue his son from an Italian orphanage (8/17/09).

Thompson has a new column out on the case here. She writes:

For nearly three years, Michael [who has sole legal and physical custody of young Liam] has fought for custody of his son. In the meantime, the young boy has been back and forth between an orphanage and his mother’s extended family, all of whom have participated in the psychological warfare aimed at severing the bond between father and son. During this time, Liam has also been subjected to psychological “treatment” for abuse that Italian Social Services admits never happened.

Denying Liam access to the only fit and loving parent he has – his father – is clearly a violation of Liam’s Human Rights. Subjecting him to “treatment” for abuse that never occurred goes a step further by placing him at risk for an iatrogenic response where he actually begins to show symptoms of the condition he is being inappropriately treated for. Not only has the Italian legal system failed to protect Liam from harm, they are now contributing to the violation of his Human Rights and placing him in danger.

Read her full column here.

I’ve previously noted the similarities between this nightmarish case and the Holly Collins Prartental Kidnapping case–to learn more, click here.

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