Update: Thousands Respond to Our Call to Action

Dallas, TX–Thousands have responded to our call to action and we’ve received word that DART executives are meeting to discuss “how to resolve this crisis.”

Your phone calls to them help–their phone #s are below or on our campaign page at –thanks, GS

DART Executive Staff
Gary Thomas
President/Executive Director
Phone: 214-749-3070
Fax: 214-749-3655

Victor Burke
Executive Vice-President, Operations
Phone: 214-749-3013
Fax: 214-749-3230

Ben Gomez
Executive Vice President, Administration
Phone: 214-749-2571
Fax: 214-749-3655

Sue Bauman
Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Phone: 214-749-2504
Fax: 214-749-3668

DART Board of Directors
Nancy Johnson, Board Director
Phone: 214-749-3347
Fax: 214-749-3651

DART Public Relations

Morgan Lyons
Manager, Media Relations
Phone: 214/749-2662
Fax: 214-749-3669

Mark A. Ball
Media Representative
Phone: 214/749-3295
Fax: 214-749-3669

Dennis Mochon
Assistant Director of Marketing & Advertising
Phone: 214-749-2506

Debra Bell
Public Relations
Phone: 214-749-2506

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