UK: Father Reunited With Abducted Son

June 17, 2015
By Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

Meanwhile, this article tells us that Roger Williams, who 17 days ago had his son Ethan taken on the run by the boy’s mother, was reunited with Ethan last Friday (Telegraph, 6/15/15). This past Monday, the court, after calling what mother Rebecca Minnock did “utterly irresponsible,” gave temporary custody to Williams. After almost three weeks on the lam, Minnock finally turned herself in to police. Whether she will be charged criminally is still undecided as are the precise terms of child custody and parenting time. Judge Mark Wildblood has vowed to work out an arrangement under which the child will have a meaningful relationship with each of his parents. That’s a good idea, but it may be difficult given Minnock’s prior attempts to remove Williams from his son’s life by leveling false allegations of abuse against him.

But for now, Williams and his son are together and the whole episode may now recede into the past.

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