TV Reporter Responds to Fathers & Families’ Supporters

In the recent blog post Texas AG Office’s Child Support Witch-Hunt Costs Family ‘a Home, Their Credit and a Piece of Their Life’, we commended News 4 WOAI Trouble Shooter Mireya Villarreal [pictured] for her good work exposing yet another abuse against an innocent father by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Several dozen of our supporters emailed their compliments to Villareal. She sent the following reply:

Thank you so much for your kind words. While I am not a parent and I don’t owe child support, my parents were divorced and I did go through the “child support system.” Even when it’s done right, things are difficult. So, when things go wrong, I’m sure it’s 100 times harder.

While I know, realistically, I can’t help every family in need; I hope this story helps people understand that there are flaws in the system. More than anything I hope people understand that Mr. Rodriguez and his family aren’t just another case, they are real people. And, needless to say, this is a real problem that needs to get fixed.

Again, thanks.

Mireya Villarreal-Gideon
News 4 WOAI-TV
San Antonio, TX

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