This Takes Restraining Order Madness to a Whole New Level

Batavia, NY–Woman gets restraining order on man. Then she marries him. Does that invalidate the restraining order or make the cops back off? Of course not–they arrest him for violating the restraining order by being close to his bride at their wedding!

From Groom Arrested for Getting Too Close to Bride at Wedding (Fox News, 8/11/08):

BATAVIA, N.Y. — A New York state man has been arrested for getting too close to his bride on their wedding day.

Timothy Cole quarreled with a wedding guest at a party Friday after wedding his ex-wife in Batavia, police said.

Officers knew the 45-year-old Cole from previous arrests and realized his bride had an order of protection against him. Cole was charged with first-degree criminal contempt, a felony, and ordered jailed without bail.

Cole was convicted of criminal contempt on July 1, the Daily News in Batavia reported.

The Genesee County public defender’s office said Cole hasn’t been assigned an attorney.

Thanks to Michael Robinson and several readers for the story.

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