Texas Fathers and Non-Custodial Parent Rights

October 26th, 2012 by Michael Sherron
Fathers and Families is one of the largest national non-profit organizations that is helping Texas Fathers Rights Groups and Non-Custodial Parents (even Mothers) in learning more about and educating themselves on the idea that shared parenting and inclusion by the Non-Custodial family is the best scenario for children after a divorce.
While Texas Fathers and the rights to their children is most notable, our organization recognizes that many non-custodial mothers find themselves equally affected by the divisive family courts in Texas. Fathers and Families goal is to reach out to Texas Fathers and other Non-Custodial Family members such as step-parents and grandparents in an effort to get them to help educate Judges and Legislators that the non-custodial family is EQUALLY important in children’s lives, and nothing short of this should be considered in child custody matters. Fathers and Families also wants to remind Texas Non-Custodial Parents, Step-Parents, Grandparents, and other Family Members that you represent a large group of voters who can have a direct impact on furthering Texas Family Court policies and laws. For decades, other organizations that look out for the interest of only the custodial parent and children have had a seat at the table when Legislators and Judges receive yearly training and we believe this is why there is such a dichotomy that persists in the court system. By joining our organization, and collaborating with us on our social media channels, together we can bring attention to the many road blocks that stand in the way of Fathers Rights and Non-Custodial Parents and Family rights in TX that hopefully will bring about equally shared parenting which provides considerably more opportunities and resources than other policies bring. Furthermore, if you are interested in furthering the Texas Fathers Rights and Non-Custodial Parent Rights via Equally Shared Parenting and would like to become as Texas affiliate of Fathers and Families, we encourage you to contact us using the information below:

Fathers and Families
P.O. Box 270760
Boston, MA 02127

If you are a Non-Custodial parent in TX, or even a Non-Custodial family member, then no doubt you are concerned about the rights and policies and procedures that exists in the courts and TX laws which seemingly are geared towards the non-custodial family being marginalized and kept at a distance so that they pay increasing amounts of child support each year. If you are not familiar on how child support enforcement affects the lives of non-custodial families, then we encourage you to read more about the Social Security Act Title IV-D Program and Child Support Enforcement to see how TX Social Services and Humans Services agencies use the amount of child support you pay each month to get federal funding for their jobs and programs.

Are you a TX Father or Non-Custodial Parent who has lost all rights to visitation with your children because of a false domestic violence allegation which is becoming a common tactic hopeful and current custodial parents use to maintain or secure favor in the TX custody courts? Are you a Non-Custodial Grandmother, Step-Mother, or Aunt who watches as the State of Texas gives more and more public assistance to custodial parents during tough economic times, but stands ready to jail your son/husband/brother during tough economic times and inability to pay child support?

Why are Texas non-custodial fathers and parents paying child support to a big government agency anyway instead of being allowed to directly support their kids through equally shared parenting?

fathers and families

Do you feel that Texas Judges in the Family Courts only value you as a visitor that should only be allowed 5 days a month visitation with you child, and is this really enough time to provide lasting and consistent emotional support, psychological support, and nurturing to your children?

Clearly, there are huge hurdles that exists today in the Texas Family Courts and with Legislation that diminishes the rights of Texas Fathers and Non-Custodial families ability to be equal parents with equal access to their children, and we hope you will join our organization and share this message via the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other networks to bring about greater awareness.

Fathers and Families believes that it is important that we not get bogged down in fighting for Fathers Rights in Texas, and instead promote shared parenting as the best course in the Family Courts. For decades, custodial parents and mothers organizations have propagated their agenda of rights of mothers and their children which has proved costly for them because this is really about CHILDREN and their rights to have two equal parents and extended families. And, it is important to note that these “Women’s Rights” groups typically throw women in non-custodial families under the bus in their quest to secure a mothers right to be the sole care taker of children. Fathers and Families believes that Fathers and everyone in the non-custodial family are equally capable of helping to raise and care for children. Again, this is about CHILDREN and not Fathers Rights or Mothers Rights.

Please, join Fathers and Families today and help us educate Judges and Lawmakers in Texas that the right of Fathers, Non-Custodial Mothers, and everyone in the non-custodial family is best achieved through EQUALLY shared parenting, the strengthening of BOTH parents for the greater good of children, and that the division created between parents in the current system is hurting children.

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