Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s Office: ‘My husband and I were treated like dirt…I, his wife, was told to ‘walk faster’

Background: I’ve criticized Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on numerous occasions, including my co-authored column When Beating up on ‘Deadbeat Dads’ is Unfair (Houston Chronicle, 1/7/07).

Abbott often beats his chest during his frequent crackdowns on low-income fathers he labels “deadbeat dads.” I get as many complaints about Abbott and the Texas Attorney General’s Office than I do about Child Support Enforcement in all other 49 states combined. To learn more about Abbott and his abuses, click here.

Below is a letter from “Sandra,” a loyal wife whose husband is being manhandled by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s office.

Dear Mr. Sacks,
I am writing this letter to you because I recently found your articles on the travesties that the Texas Attorney General’s office brings on men.  My husband, an otherwise law-abiding citizen, seems to be the target of a witch-hunt by the OAG.  He owed less than $2,000 dollars on November 20, 2007 and was reduced to fear of jail, placed in a separate part of the court room and made to sit there for over 5 hours. 

We were told to have $1,000 dollars plus $100 attorney’s fees, as if they are not paid by salary. When we brought the money, they demanded another $400 or once again he was to face jail.  It was by this time 3:00 pm and we had 30 minutes to get the money to them or we would have to wait until after the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

We brought the money and were treated like the dirt of the earth. I, his wife, was told to “walk faster,” since apparently I walk too slow, on our way to the District clerk’s office to pay the money… 

My husband also has a separate case with the Texas Attorney General OAG where he is owed over $6,000 dollars from his ex and, wouldn’t you believe it, nothing is being done to the mother. She has never even seen a court room. 


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