Tell RNC Chairman Duncan, Republican Party to Embrace Shared Parenting

Los Angeles, CA–Recently Robert M. “Mike” Duncan, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, sent out an email asking for “your input and your ideas” on how the GOP can recover from its November electoral defeat and “improve moving forward.”

The most obvious answer to this is that the Republicans need to embrace shared parenting and family law reform.

To tell the RNC to embrace Shared Parenting, click here. Feel free to post what you told the RNC in the comments section. Please remember to be polite and credible.

Duncan’s full letter reads:

As we as a Party regroup after our near miss in the presidential election, we must reflect on what our Party has done well and what we can improve moving forward. It is for that reason we have created a new Web site for you to share your thoughts on the direction of the Republican Party. Please take a moment to visit and create an account to begin the dialogue.

The Republican Party has always been the party of reason and hope, and I strongly believe we will continue in this tradition as we work to the future.

I thank everyone who volunteered their time, money, and energy to elect John McCain and Sarah Palin. It was a ground-breaking year for the Party on a number of issues and those milestones would not have been met without your tireless efforts.

Moving forward, you have the opportunity to reflect on the reasons why you are a Republican on this site.

I look forward to your input and your ideas.

Again, tell the RNC about Shared Parenting by clicking on

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