Syndicated Columnist Amy Alkon: DART Ads Are ‘Ugly, Toxic, and Wrong’

Dallas, TX–Syndicated Columnist Amy Alkon, whose advice columns appear in over 100 newspapers, wrote a piece today condemning DART’s father-bashing domestic violence ads. Alkon explains:

Men alone are made out to be monsters on the Dallas buses carrying domestic violence ads for The Family Place, a domestic violence shelter whose executive director is uninformed that men are domestic violence victims…or knows and doesn’t care…or knows and is purposely ginning up controversy to stretch her publicity dollar.

Whatever her reason, the shelter’s advertising is ugly, toxic, and wrong.

Read Alkon’s full piece here.

We want DART to take down these anti-father ads. To send a protest email and fax to DART executives, click here. To call them, click here.

To learn more about our campaign, including media coverage, click here.

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