Support Shared Parenting Advocate Stuart Meltzer for Nassau County Family Court Judge

Shared parenting advocate Stuart Meltzer, Esq. (pictured) is running for Nassau County Family Court Judge in the November 6 election. Meltzer says:

“The best interests of children are being forgotten in Family Court. Parents are being kept in court unnecessarily and decisions are oftentimes unfair to our children. I am the only truly independent candidate. If you want a judge who owes his allegiance to our families and children, not a particular party, you should vote for me.

“As a result of my over 18 years experience in the Family, Matrimonial and Criminal Courts in the New York area, I have witnessed a steady decline in Equal Protection and Due Process rights afforded to litigants. Most disturbing is the fact that those people who have the smallest voice and least amount of power in our society, our children, are losing most. Thus, I view as most important, based in law and forensic study, our children’s right to liberal access to both a father and mother.”

Meltzer is looking for volunteers in the greater New York City area, as well as donors. Contact his campaign at or by phone at 718-532-4300 or 917 698 8784. Donations can be sent to The Friends Of Stuart Meltzer Campaign, 32 Court St., Suite 1408, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

To learn more about Meltzer’s campaign, click here.

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