Sponsor Team Fathers & Families’ Runner Matt Johnson!

Team Fathers and Families' runner Matt Johnson with his 3-year-old daughter Maddie

Fathers and Families” advocates are participating in the September 5 “Cheetah Run’ 5K Run/Walk at the Cincinnati Zoo and raising funds to support the programs of Fathers and Families. Join Fathers and Families supporters from all over the country with your gift to fund our vital family court reform work. To sponsor Matt Johnson and the team, click here.

Below, learn more about Matt and why he’s joined Team Fathers and Families in running to raise money for our organization:

Name: Matt Johnson, M.S. Ed.

Occupation: Education

Children: Madison, age 3
Why he believes in family court reform: Shared Parenting is important to me because studies show that kids need two parents in their lives. When they do not have both parents in their lives, the kids are more likely to see a negative outcome. I have worked with many children who are from one parent homes and it’s easy to see that each child would do better with both parents in their lives. When parents divorce, both parents must realize they must put their differences aside for the betterment of their children–to do anything other than that is irresponsible.

Why he supports Fathers and Families: Fathers and Families promotes two things that are very important to me. Shared Parenting should be the default situation when a fit mother and father seperate or divorce. Family Court reform is needed because the stress placed on men and women is already high in a break up, and the financial resources paid out during a divorce to lawyers could be better spent on a child’s college education.

Favorite quote: “Kids deserve both parents in their lives”

To sponsor Matt and the team, click here.

If you prefer to contribute by check, please make your check out to “Fathers and Families’, put “Matt Johnson’ in the for/description line, and mail your check to:

Fathers & Families
20 Park Plaza, Suite 628
Boston, MA 02116

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