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Team Fathers and Families' runner Rick Bell with his 4-year-old son Finn.

Fathers and Families” advocates are participating in the September 5 “Cheetah Run’ 5K Run/Walk at the Cincinnati Zoo and raising funds to support the programs of Fathers and Families. Join Fathers and Families supporters from all over the country with your gift to fund our vital family court reform work. To sponsor Rick Bell and the team, click here.

Below, learn more about Rick and why he’s joined Team Fathers and Families in running to raise money for our organization:

Name: Rick Bell

Occupation: Technical Support

Children: Finn, age 4

Why he believes in family court reform: I experienced first-hand how the family court system and the Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agency mistreat well-intentioned fathers. Fathers without criminal records or histories of abuse should be presumed to be as valuable in their children’s lives as their mothers. Family courts presume quite differently.

Like many good dads, I didn’t have the $10,000+ needed to finance an expensive legal fight in order to win an equal part in my child’s life. I had lost my business due to the recession and was paying 40% of my income in child support. Because of this I was forced to accept visitation rights only and to have little say in my son”s future. It is a deep injustice to my son and to myself. Kids are suffering from these policies. Change will only come by building a strong, well-funded national advocacy group–I am running in the Cheetah run to raise funds and awareness about this terrible societal problem.

What he loves about being a dad: I love experiencing the world through my son’s eyes. Everything is exciting, even the mundane. I’m happiest when I’m with him.

Why he supports Fathers and Families: I’ve been a Fathers and Families supporter since hearing Dr. Ned Holstein on the radio in Cincinnati. I was happy to hear someone speak some sense on this issue and glad to see someone fighting for people like my son and I. I researched the organization and was impressed by its professionalism and its ability to pass legislation.

Favorite quote about dads: “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”–Commonly attributed to Mark Twain

To sponsor Rick and the team, click here.

If you prefer to contribute by check, please make your check out to “Fathers and Families’, put “Rick Bell’ in the for/description line, and mail your check to:

Fathers & Families
20 Park Plaza, Suite 628
Boston, MA 02116

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