Sorry Hugh Hefner, but Women Shouldn’t Create Fatherless Kids-and You Shouldn’t Either

Los Angeles, CA–Background: The issue of Single Motherhood by Choice has been getting a good deal of press lately. For some examples, see There’s no shame in going solo, says mum (Guardian Unlimited, UK, 11/4/07) and Knocking Yourself Up–The ongoing debate over going it alone (Newsweek, 11/5/07). To watch me debate Single Motherhood by Choice on Fox’s nationally-syndicated Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, click here. To learn more about Single Motherhood by Choice, click here.

To learn more about what research says about the importance of fathers, see my co-authored columns Why Dads Matter (Houston Chronicle, 6/18/06) and Tyler Perry”s Daddy”s Little Girls Tells an Important Truth About African-American Fathers (Los Angeles Watts Times, 6/14/07).

Hugh Hefner, 81, apparently is going to selfishly crank out a soon-to-be-fatherless child with Playmate Holly Madison, one of his girlfriends. According to the World Entertainment News Network:

“Playboy boss Hugh Hefner is apparently finally willing to grant girlfriend Holly Madison’s wish of becoming a mother by agreeing to seek fertility treatment.

“Madison has regularly expressed her desire to become a mother on the hit reality TV show The Girls Next Door.

“And it seems the magazine mogul has agreed to become a father for the fifth time.

“According to Hollywood gossip columnist Janet Charlton, the 81-year-old and Madison were spotted visiting a Beverly Hills gynaecologist who specializes in vitro fertilization.”

I’m sure Hugh and Holly will assure us that all will be well because the child will be well-provided for financially. In reality, research shows that children in single mother families suffer from not having a father, regardless of income.

Research amply demonstrates that, even when adjusted for income, the rates of juvenile crime, school dropouts, youth drug abuse and teen pregnancy are tightly correlated with fatherlessness. Male parenting is different from female parenting, and is equally important for children.

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