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April 23, 2017 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

Ten years ago yesterday, Vladek Filler was arrested and charged with raping his wife. It took years for Filler to demonstrate his innocence, years in which he was convicted of abusing his wife, exonerated, convicted of misdemeanor assault against his wife and exonerated again. His epic journey from accused felon to being proved innocent isn’t over yet. Not content with having the charges against him dropped, Filler took on the District Attorney’s Office of Hancock County, Maine that, in the persons of ADA Mary Kellett and ADA Paul Cavanaugh, violated numerous ethical and procedural duties in order to try to railroad Filler into prison.

Filler wasn’t having it. He placed Kellett’s wrongdoing before the Maine State Bar disciplinary body that, for the first time in the history of the state actually disciplined a prosecutor. Kellett was subsequently forced to resign. Filler now has a federal lawsuit against various prosecutors including Kellett and Cavanaugh, law enforcement officials and others. Last year, the judge hearing that case gave it the green light to proceed to trial and denying the prosecutors’ bid for immunity.

I’ve recounted the continuing saga of Vladek Filler vs. the criminal justice system of Hancock County numerous times. Now there’s more.

Disgraced in Hancock County, Paul Cavanaugh has moved elsewhere. Amazingly, Governor Paul LePage is considering appointing him the District Attorney for four counties. Cavanaugh is a man who committed numerous ethical violations in his vendetta against Filler. If he is appointed by LePage, he’ll not only avoid the judgment of the voters, he’ll be able to hire Kellett and get up to the same disgraceful behavior as he engaged in when employed by Hancock County.

Please click here and read and sign the petition asking Governor LePage to appoint someone less ethically challenged to be District Attorney in the four counties in question. Filler has for years stood up to the bullying of prosecutors. Please don’t allow those same prosecutors to continue their Star Chamber tactics against other men in other counties. Please read and sign the petition and email it to Governor LePage, whose email address is provided.

Thanks for your help.




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