‘She said the kids didn’t like him anyway, but I bet they liked his child support’

Los Angeles,CA–Michael, an Orange County, California reader, has been a hairdresser for 20 years and he says he’s heard some incredible things from women in the hair salon where he works. He explains:

I have heard these same things said over and over for years from women of all walks of life yet I”ve never really heard these attitudes depicted in television, movies or any other venue. Most men would never be privy to such remarks. It”s true what is said that people tell their hairdressers things they would never tell anyone else. I”ve heard the most incredible and bizarre tales but still have to keep a straight face. Many clients interpret the smiling nods as support and come out with the big secrets. 

In this series–“Things a Hairdresser Hears”–Michael details some of the things he has heard and seen. This is of course a one-sided view, but it’s an interesting one. I suppose the other side–the “bad things men do” side might be captured by a bartender or a barber. If one is reading this and would like to contribute, please email me at Michael’s first three posts were: Hairdresser: ‘The sheer volume of women who cheat was staggering…they’re so good at getting away with it’ ‘He only pays attention to the kids, I left so I could have a life…He can still see the kids once a month’ ‘There is nothing I can”t do for the kids that he can’. Michael’s Things a Hairdresser Hears (Part IV)

One woman who was a regular customer divorced her first husband because he wouldn”t become a born again Christian. Of course, the man she married after her divorce wasn’t a Christian either, but he made big money and adopted her two children from her first marriage. 

After seven years hubby #1 came back a born again Christian.  So one sunny day this lady had husband #2 drive her to the dentist while her friends from church and husband #1 cleaned out husband # 2’s house. 

When husband #2 two came home from work that night to an empty house, he found out that she had left him for husband #1. But the woman still expected him to pay the child support for husband #1’s kids that he had adopted seven years prior. 

Even more incredible were the reactions from some of the people in our salon:

“He deserved it’

“You should”ve done it a long time ago’

“I wish I was as strong as you’

“Why did you wait so long?’

“If he can”t keep you happy….’

The woman said “The kids didn”t like him anyway.’  But they liked his child support I”m sure. Years later she said to me that she knew it wasn”t the right thing to do but “Everyone’s happy now, right?’

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