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man repairing girl bike smallApril 17th, 2013 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

Here’s an important alert from our good friends in the Shared Parenting movement to the north. Paulette Macdonald, et al, have been battling for equal parental rights in Canada for many years. This message lets people know about a new television talk show she and others will be on. It’ll include, among others, Richard Warshak, who’s one of the pre-eminent authorities on shared parenting and parental alienation. If you can join the show or call in a question or comment, by all means do so. The information in her announcement below about the sad state of fathers in Canadian divorce courts is enough to spur anyone to action – anyone but the Canadian Parliament, it seems. Read on and join Paulette and company if at all possible.

Myself, Gene Colman and Robert Samery will be appearing on a panel talk show tomorrow night called Talk Durham, a live one hour show that airs Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm. The show takes phone calls from viewers and is hosted by Debra Hutchison.

Talk Durham

The number is 1-888-ROGERS8 (1-888-764-3778)

The show is broken down into four, 13 minute segments with a 2 minute break in between.

While non Durham residents can’t view the show – you can still participate by calling into the show and how that works is that you call the show and they take down your name, organization if applicable and your question or comment and then they call you back if they decide to use it- the producer advised that those that want to participate should send me a private message or at with their name, org., phone number and question or comment and she will do her best to get them on the show.

 Segment 1: Me and the host – backgrounder

‘Bat Girl’ arrested after publicity stunt

Fathers 4 Justice, Canada – Alliston Bat Girl – Raising awareness to parental bullying, known as parental alienation

CFAO 94.7 FM Radio –PA Show – Alliston Ontario – Canada

Present day; Family law reform discussion heats up as Parental Alienation Awareness Day approaches

When I see the 2 or 3 minute mark I’ll say something like;

“I have to tell you that if I didn’t witness this “nightmare” with my own eyes and ears – I never would have believed it to be true; how could a parent do that to their own child? And furthermore; I never would have believed that our Government would forsake it’s own children of divorce or separation, during a time that they are most vulnerable, shameful.”

Canada’s Secret (London – April 7, 2013)

And then we can go to break with;

Dr. Richard Warshak, author of Divorce Poison

From Divorce Poison: How To Protect Your Family from Bad-mouthing and Brainwashing, second edition, page 306:

“We do not like to think that parents exploit their children in this manner. But if we do not pull back the curtain to expose the alienating parent at the controls and censure this abomination in the strongest possible terms, generations of children will grow up with half their family, not because their loved ones have died–they may be living three minutes away–but because of obstacles to love and affection that the children have been manipulated to erect.”

Segment 2: Me and Gene Colman – PA & FLAW Expert – Complex Family Law

Gene C. Colman – One of Canada’s Leading Experts on Parental Alienation and Family Law –

Gene C. Colman

In 1998 Ottawa’s Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access put forth 48 recommendations for changes to the Divorce Act. Where did the “For the Sake of the Children” Report get filed?

According to Senator Anne Cools, who sat on the Special Joint Committee in her outspoken criticism of the Liberal government of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, the For The Sake Of The Children legislation was shelved after intense lobbying by women’s groups.

In a National Post Article, published on December 19, 1998, Senator Cools correctly stated,

“I am here to tell you that divorce is not a ‘women’s issue.’ It seems to me that divorce involves men, women, and children. Children deserve maximum access and meaningful involvement with both parents, even when those parents don’t like each other. The law must not be an instrument of malice. Nature gave children two parents. That is the natural order of things, so let us organize the legal order around the natural one.” “Shared parenting should not be awarded only under special circumstances, but it should be granted under all circumstances, except in cases of proof of abuse, neglect, mistreatment, or if it is not in the best interests of the child. Child custody remains an important issue to many Canadians. This bill aims to force change in an area the government continues to ignore.”

Co-Chair Parliamentarian, the Honourable Roger Gallaway, when I interviewed him in February, 2012 wrote;

“It is a sad commentary that 13 years later the report, For the Sake of the Children, the product of the Special Joint Committee, is still the focus of divorce law reform,”

“The government knows well the problems of divorce,” Gallaway said. “Several Parliamentary reports have identified that the law needs to be changed. As well polls these past several years have demonstrated that the public understands that the law is grossly unfair. Yet this government can act expeditiously when it wishes. We have seen most recently how it moved quickly to solve divorce law problems where same gender divorce was the issue. Surely it can now embrace a public bill to restore a modicum of equity to custody and access in federal divorce laws. A presumption of joint/equal or shared parenting would be a splendid start.”

Children deserve the love of both parents–children-deserve-the-love-of-both-parents

The latest Poll on equal, shared parenting:

The vast majority of the Canadian public, 78 percent, supports Equal Shared Parenting legislation, with a high of 86 percent in the province of Quebec, and among supporters of major Political Parties in Canada, Equal Shared Parenting is supported by 78 percent of Conservatives, 78.5 percent of NDP’s, 80.6 percent of Liberals and 83 percent of Bloc Quebecois.

And when I requested a quote for this show he wrote:

“Justice if it does occur in family law or divorce courts today is usually accidental.”

For the Sake of the Children

In 2010 the Law Commission of Ontario released an in-depth report on the family law system and the report deplores a system that can bankrupt litigants and routinely ignores the wishes and interests of children.

Voices from a Broken Family Justice System

Segment 3: Me and Gene Colman – PA & FLAW Expert – Complex Family Law

This was written and published in a Barrie, Ontario newspaper, by a dad during my elections awareness campaign;

I am a victim of the gender bias in the Divorce Act. I’m a 35-year-old single dad of two young kids. I am very fortunate to have equal physical shared joint custody (currently 4 days with, 4 days without) of my kids.

Because of my shift work I get to spend almost as much time with them while they’re with me as a ‘stay at home mom’.

But being able to be with and raise my kids came at an excruciating cost; mentally, emotionally, and financially.

To achieve the right to have the same access to my kids as their mother I spent two years in the family court system.

I stood before six judges and spent my life savings on my lawyer.

Macdonald is right about the government’s own commission recommending the law be changed. She’s also right about the Conservatives agreeing it needs to be changed. Yet nothing changes. In the mean time other fathers like me continue to clog up the courts fighting to be with their kids (and yes, that even costs the tax payers more).

I don’t mind spending my life savings on my kids can’t think of anything more important in this world to spend it on, actually) but I sure would have preferred to put it into their education savings fund rather than my lawyers.

Write your MP! Kids need both parents in their life. This needs to change.

Divorce system does need change – Jim Dawes–divorce-system-does-need-change

The Conservative Party’s own Policy Declaration states in section K, under the title SOCIAL POLICY, #69,

“The Conservative Party believes that in the event of a marital breakdown, the Divorce Act should grant joint custody, unless it is clearly demonstrated not to be in the best interests of the child. Both parents and all grandparents should be allowed to maintain a meaningful relationship with their children and Grandchildren, unless it is demonstrated not to be in the best interest of the child.”

We second the opinion of Ontario Chief Justice Warren Winkler that;

“family law is in a state of crisis. We see a system in disarray – one that is beyond tinkering and that needs to be rebuilt from the bottom up using new concepts and fresh ideas. In short, we see a need for fundamental change.”

Remarks by Justice Winkler – 2011


MP Jay Hill

I’m pushing for equality —both parents should have equal rights and equal access to their child,” Hill said. “The courts seem to start from the premise that somehow fathers aren’t responsible parents. But both parents are deemed good parents as long as the marriage lasts; why are they not when the marriage ends?”

PC MP Michael Ignatieff – The Rights Revolution

“As a father, I find it hard not to be pained by the statistics of modern fatherhood and divorce in Canada: Mothers get custody in 86% cases, and more than 40% of children in Canada’s divorced families see their fathers only once a month.”

These groups demanded that the “custody and access” regime created by the Divorce Act of 1985 be replaced with a “shared parenting” regime in which both parents are given equal rights to bring up their children. These are sensible and overdue suggestions, and the fact that they’re being made shows that men and women are struggling to correct the rights revolution, so that equality works for everyone.”

Justice Harvey Brownstone

Justice Harvey Brownstone stated in an interview with CBC’s Susan Ormiston, “My position is that the Family Court is the last place that parents in conflict should be going to, to convert themselves from ex-partners, to co-parents. That is what they need to do, and it doesn’t happen in a courtroom, because a courtroom sets parents up to wage war, not peace, and for the sake of their children, their children need their parents to be at peace.”

Segment 4: Me and Robert Samery President – PAAO

Brazilian LAW which Defines and Punishes Parental Alienation # 12,318 OF AUGUST 26th, 2010.

Robert Samery, President of the Parental Alienation Awareness Organization –

To find an event near you –

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