Serenna English Indicted for Murder in Death of Dad Who Got Joint Custody

August 16th, 2012 by Robert Franklin, Esq.
For reasons I can only guess at, it’s taken over 19 months, but finally Serenna English was indicted by a Montgomery, Alabama grand jury on one count of capital murder.  Three men were indicted along with her in her alleged murder-for-hire scheme that took the life of Ralph McNeil on January 18, 2011.  McNeil was the father of English’s child and had recently gotten joint custody over her objections.  That apparently set in motion her plot to murder him.  McNeil was shot and stabbed to death.  Read about it here (Montgomery Advertiser, 8/7/12).

McNeil was something of a local folk hero.  Known as the “Critter Man,” his specialty was the removal of unwanted varmints from people’s houses, trailers, cars, lots, etc.  In the past, he’d removed racoons, snakes, bees, otters and more.  McNeil prided himself on capturing the animals alive and relocating them.  He said he was successful in doing so for 90% of the animals he was called to remove.

Apparently English had an affair with a former doctor, David Nash and they intended to marry.  Nash is accused of supplying the money to hire the hit men who allegedly murdered Ralph McNeil.  Nash gave up his license to practice medicine in 2005 when he was caught injecting saline into patients telling them it was flu vaccine.

At this time, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office expects to seek the death penalty against all four defendants, Deputy District Attorney John Kachelman said.

No word on when the trial will be.  Two other words that don’t appear in the article or indeed in any article on the subject.  One is “domestic” and the other is “violence.”

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