Ron Paul Supporter Explains Why Noncustodial Parents Should Back Paul’s Candidacy


Texas–I often receive letters from people urging me to support underdog Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. Recently Jerry, a reader and fervent supporter of Paul, wrote me and I invited him to write an essay explaining why he thought Paul would be best both for the country and for noncustodial parents. His essay is below.

I invite any other Paul supporters to write in with their views.


First I want to say that I am a single father of an eight your old boy (born Nov. 1999) that was stolen from me through the cooperation of the State and the mother. The courts call it awarding custody, but it is in fact kidnapping the child from one parent that the child needs and deserves and giving the child to the other parent. This is done through the power and force of the State, this is violence on the hands of the State and is Child Abuse.

The courts are ruled by the love of money and are making all the money they can for the State with absolutely no real interest or care for the child. This is as clear as night and day. Sure the State pretends and gives words that it is doing this in the best interest of the child. It is not in the best interest of 99.9% of children to be kidnapped from one parent and be given to the so-called custodial parent. It is parents that love their children more than any other people. The reason the courts are giving custody (stealing/kidnapping) to one parent is so that they can make an Order Child Support so that the State can collect the Federal Incentive Payments.

How would President Ron Paul put a end to this? Easy. He will abolish the unconstitutional Federal Bureaucracies. Congressman Ron Paul has a 20 year pristine history of tirelessly fighting against bigger government and the private fiat monetary system called the Federal Reserve System. Congressman Paul has always voted in accordance with the original intent and meaning of the US Constitution for limited federal government. Even now while campaigning to be the President of the US he is still introducing bills for honest money and limited government. Ron Paul is fighting for the liberty and Freedom of We the People and none of the other candidates are doing this or will they. Ron Paul will abolish the unconstitutional federal bureaucracies and this would immediately put an end to the Federal Incentive Payments to the States. This would end the reason the States are always awarding custody to one parent (Kidnapping), giving them a reason to make enormous Child Support Orders that are out of proportion to what is required to meet the basic needs of children and, often times, more than the non-custodial parent can pay. If you think the courts don”t do this well I am living proof that they do and so are many other so-called non-custodial parents. It appears that the family courts’ main interest and duty is to make revenue for the State via the Federal Incentive Payments.

Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate that will make the changes at the federal level that are necessary to stop the reason why courts are destroying families. If the flow of federal money to the states is stopped, the Child Abuse Industry will stop. A vote for any other candidate is a vote to stay enslaved. Our children and grandchildren need us to take freedom back now so that they will know what freedom is. A man like Ron Paul may only come along once in a lifetime and he is here now and running for president, lets make him president or the US will continue to enslave the people.

We are alive today to change this sick, deprived system, so do not give up, do not let this chance pass us by. Ron Paul can win, saying he has no chance to win is the same as saying freedom has no chance. Ron Paul has far more grass roots support than any other candidate, just check out the number of Ron Paul meetup groups on the internet in the US and the entire world. No one even compares to Ron Paul that is running for President. His official web site is

The world is watching us and they want Ron Paul as the President of the US. We must do this; it really is a matter of our survival, as well as our children”s survival as free people or slaves. The battle is here and now, let’s get busy doing everything we can to give our children two parents and freedom. The battle will not get any easier if we wait, the bureaucracy will only grow larger and more controlling, taking more of our liberties. There are lots of places to check Ron Paul out on the web, youTube, Goggle video,,,,, and many other places. He is very popular and has more support than you can imagine. Let’s make sure Ron Paul is the next President of the US.

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