Readers Again Fire Back in Brandweek over Anti-Male Advertising

Los Angeles, CA–“Background: Brandweek Magazine is one of the largest publications in the advertising world, and it has repeatedly covered the problem of anti-male advertising, as well as our efforts to combat it. To learn more about Brandweek’s commendable coverage, click here.

Brandweek Senior Reporter Mike Beirne got it right in his recent piece about men and fathers in advertising–Marketers used to venerate the father figure. So why are they making him look like such an ass? (3/3/08). Beirne discusses our campaigns against anti-male advertising and quotes several authorities in the advertising world who sympathize with us. He also details numerous anti-male/anti-father ads, largely the ones we’ve covered and criticized on this blog over the past year.

Several of our readers–including Deborah Sbarra, Rick Panditaratne, Peter Hackmeister, and Darrin Albert–wrote Letters to the Editor which were published in Letters: Dads Deserve Better Deal In Today’s Advertising (Brandweek, 3/17/08). Panditaratne wrote:

“Regarding the portrayal of dads in the media and Spike TV channeling its attention to dads:

“It’s about time that dads received their due respect for loving and raising their children. We do just as much as women today, but it rarely gets noticed.

“It’s always the negative stereotypes that are promoted in the media. For too long we’ve been neglected, mocked and ridiculed. I am appalled and outraged at the lack of positive influences of men in the media.

“I realize why men are shying off of marriage and complain about our family law system. It’s all directly related to the way men are perceived in what we hear, read and see. I hope dads will keep fighting to make things positive for their sons and daughters.”

Hackmeister wrote:

“Far too often when something is on TV, an advertisement, or a movie, or a regular show, and the male is shown in an unflattering way, I cringe.

“My standard response is: If the roles of the sexes were reversed, would this have made it to television? That should be the acid test.

“If you can reverse the sexes and it will still play well, than it is OK. But often the answer is, if that was a woman was in that role, they would never show it. This is a simple test, and all agencies should learn it.”

All the letters can be seen at Dads Deserve Better Deal In Today’s Advertising (Brandweek, 3/17/08)

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