Rapper Luther Campbell Says He Was Jailed ‘Unfairly’ Because of Unpaid Legal Fees, not Child Support

From Rapper Luther Campbell Slams Media Over Child Support Jail-Time Reports (, 2/23/09):

Veteran rapper Luther Campbell has hit out at reports he was jailed for skipping child support payments, and accused the media and authorities in his native Miami, Florida of waging a vendetta against him.

Reports this week (18Feb09) suggested the 48-year-old 2 Live Crew star had been thrown behind bars for failing to make payments to his ex-lover Shakera Morgan.

But Campbell insists he was jailed ‘unfairly’ because of unpaid legal fees, not child support payments.

In a statement released to he says, “The Miami Herald erroneously reported that I went to jail for failure to pay child support, when in fact I’m the first person I know of to go to jail for failure to pay attorney’s fees, and not child support. The matter at issue pertained to attorney’s fees.

“Please note that my payment of $11,613.10 for actual child support was paid back in October 23, 2008. Therefore, my payment as to child support was and is current.”

The star is so upset he has vowed to leave Miami for good, adding, “At this point I am tired of fighting the city of Miami. I’m putting my house up for sale and getting the hell out. If you want to buy it let me know.”

I have no idea if what Campbell is saying is true but the situation he describes is a common one. The father is forced to pay for his ex’s attorney’s fees–the attorney whose job it is to minimize the father’s role in his children’s lives.

I’m not saying that Campbell shouldn’t have complied with the judge’s orders to pay it, but I can also understand his lack of motivation to do so. If what he’s saying is true, I can also understand his anger at being jailed for being a “deadbeat dad” when the only person he’s failing to support is his ex’s attorney.

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