Now or Never

December 16, 2016
By: Ned Holstein, MD, MS, Chair of the Board, National Parents Organization

The good news below from Florida and Kentucky are merely two examples of many states in which National Parents Organization continues to grow and get results. And who else is bringing you the precise reporting of Robert Franklin, such as the fantastic new study on shared parenting reported in this newsletter? In fact, take a look at a list of our accomplishments. You have to admit that this is an impressive list. You will not find another organization that gets more bang from every dollar that is given.

We depend entirely on your gifts to support our activity. Our 2017 financial health depends on what you give before midnight, December 31 of this year. Social change is not free. If you think the bar associations and women’s organizations are going to give up their blockade of family court reform simply because we ask nicely, you are living in a dream world. When we have dedicated volunteers supported by paid public relations professionals, paid organizers, research, printing, computers, and much more — then we win. When we don’t have these things, we lose.

Your gift is ordinarily tax-deductible on your federal taxes. Most observers believe that income taxes will go down next year; this means that the value of a tax deduction, such as your gift to National Parents Organization, a 501c3 charitable organization, will be worth more this year than next.

In addition to bringing reform to more and more states, in 2017 we will hold a landmark conference in Boston, Massachusetts. We have assembled the greatest child development researchers in the world to come and share their research results on how shared parenting affects children.

Also in 2017, we will write the first comprehensive analysis of child support, an analysis that will destroy the myth that current child support policies are good for children and fair for adults.

If you want to see these activities go forward, please support us today! You can make a gift online by going here, or you may send a check payable to National Parents Organization and mail it to:

National Parents Organization

716 Beacon Street #590548

Newton Centre, MA 02459

Please help us bring reform to every state, justice to every family.

Thank you very much in advance for your generous support!

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