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National Parents Organization’s Troy Matson authors Florida Times-Union op-ed on shared parenting

March 1, 2015

On Feb. 27, 2015, the Florida Times-Union published the op-ed “New laws needed for shared parenting” by Troy Matson, Chair of National Parents Organization of Florida.

“In Florida, the law allows children of divorced parents to fare better than those in some states; however, a new study indicates we have more work to do. The National Parents Organization released its inaugural Shared Parenting Report Card, providing the nation’s first study to analyze and issue each state a grade, A through F, on child custody laws,” Matson wrote. “On a 4.0 scale, the nation scored a dismal 1.63 grade. Florida came out better than the national average by scoring a C. But a C is not good enough for our children.”

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