‘My son has to pay child support when on unemployment — He’s homeless’

Los Angeles, CA“Society holds noncustodial parents, mostly fathers, to an unattainable standard to never become physically or mentally ill, never get disabled, and to never lose a job or get laid off in a poor economy.”–Dianna Thompson and Murray Davis Anne, a reader and a grandma, writes:

My son has to pay child support when on unemployment. They take it out automatically. He goes to court, but they don’t care that he lives from place to place to find a room to sleep in. His ex however works, her husband makes good money, they have a great time.
My son can’t find a job right now, and if unemployment runs out, they’ll keep adding the payments anyway. They made him pay back support on his daughter, who didn’t even live with his the mother for a year and a half.

Refresh my memory–how do the man’s children benefit from this?

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