‘My Boyfriend’s Ex Had Her Child 2 Months ‘Premature’-He Was Young and Didn’t Realize She Was Already Two Months Pregnant When She Met Him’

A letter from Tracy, a reader. Sad to say, I’m not even surprised. Tracy writes: Dear Glenn: I was sitting in the Atlanta airport stuck overnight due to layovers, while I was there I saw you on TV and scribbled your name down, hoping I wrote it down correctly. My family needs some help, I have done everything I can to help my boyfriend Curt, but everywhere we turn there is just another door slammed in our face. Curt, the father of my son and unborn child coming in March, is the best father you could ever ask for. He is my best friend. You could not ask for a better person to be with.
Well, he met the wrong women when he was in his early 20s. She told him she was pregnant a few months into the relationship, and he started working three jobs so she would not have to work. It’s too bad for him he was working so hard, he missed appointments, etc, but he was there for the birth. This lady had her child two months “premature” at 7 lbs and some odd oz. Curt stuck by her side and, being young and not knowing anything about pregnancy, did not realize this woman was taking him for a ride–she was already two months pregnant when she met him. She knows who her child’s father is, yet he is stuck paying support. He could not get a drivers license, open a bank account, get a loan, or a job until he had caught up on his back support. He has been blackballed for unpaid support. It’s all caught up now and has been for eight years, but it still shows on his credit report. We both have to work and when we are short that at the end of the month and have to send the child support out to child that is not his, and our kid has to go without, it hurts. I don’t know how he just keeps paying it–if I were in his shoes I would have let them put me in jail. He keeps on paying her, the courts tell him too bad. THEY HAVE NEVER EVEN LOOKED AT THE DNA TEST. He paid for the test out of his own pocket. The child is not his, she has even told him who the father is. What’s really not fair is for that child, he is growing up hating Curt for not being around when he has his own dad out there that does not even know he has a child. If that man is like my boyfriend, when he finally does find out he is going to be so upset that he has missed watching his little boy grow. Curt just wants this support stopped, I want to be able to go buy our kids what they need and not have to worry about supporting other people’s kids. Every year they fight to have Curt’s child support increased.

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