Mom stood by as son was beaten to death-but at least dad didn’t get custody

San Jose, CA–Phil, a reader in San Jose, writes:

“Glenn, get this–this mother stood there while her ‘boyfriend’ beat and stomped the 6-year-old-boy to death. The stupid judge said that she ‘failed to intervene more aggressively,’ but in fact she did nothing, then helped him bury the kid in Arizona‚Ķall the while lying to the father. Samuel Corona [the killer boyfriend] then told Kathryn Jimenez [the mother], ‘Say goodbye to your son,’ and beat the boy to death, police said.

“The judge said she was a victim of ‘terrorism’ and therefore not really responsible. Can you imagine if this was the FATHER that allowed the killing, buried the body, covered it up, and lied to the mother and the authorities?”

The mother got five years of probation, including a year in county jail, and will be released in a few months.

Oscar Jimenez Sr., the boy’s father who was separated from the mother, says:

“What kind of message is that sending to people? All she’s getting is a slap on the wrist.”

According to Oscar Jimenez, Kathryn Jimenez had many chances to shield the boy from Corona’s repeated abuse, and could have put the boy in his care or that of other relatives.

The two stories are S.J. mom who stood by as son was beaten to death gets a year in jail (San Francisco Chronicle, 3/5/08) and San Jose mother of slain 6-year-old sentenced to year in jail, probation (San Jose Mercury News, 3/5/08).

Good thing they didn’t allow dad to have custody…

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