Mom Killed the Kids, but at Least They Didn’t Give Dad Custody

New York–“She wanted to kill them. I let the court know that. But they took only one side…I loved them. I’ve been fighting for them.”

Note that the woman, apparently a violent lunatic who allegedly had sent her ex threatening letters and set fire to his car, was granted an order of protection. Now, despite the fathers’ repeated warnings to social workers, the kids are dead.

But at least they didn’t give dad custody…

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‘Nassau County killed’ them, boys’ father cries
February 25th 2008

The grieving father of two boys allegedly killed by their disturbed mother said social workers failed to heed his warnings they were in danger.

“Nassau County killed these kids,” said Innocent Demesyeux, 28, who claimed county authorities ignored his pleas to protect Michael, 5, and Innocent Jr., 18 months, from their “violent” mother, Leatrice Brewer, 27.

Demesyeux, an ambulette driver who has been estranged from Brewer since 2004 and was locked in a custody battle with her, said he warned authorities she had threatened to kill the children as recently as last week.

“She wanted to kill them,” Demesyeux told the Daily News. “I let the court know that. But they took only one side.”

He said Brewer called him on Wednesday or Thursday sounding “crazier than normal,” claiming people on MTV were talking to her and saying “they were making fun of her on TV and that this Spanish woman put voodoo on her.”

A custody hearing was scheduled for today in Mineola Family Court, and fear of losing custody also may have caused Brewer to “snap,” said Desmesyeux.

He said Brewer’s violent behavior – including threatening letters and a 2004 incident in which she burned his car – has been going on for years.

Although she petitioned the court for an order of protection against him, he said she continued to be obsessed with spending time with him – resulting in the birth of Innocent Jr. 18 months ago.

“She basically was playing mind games,” he said, saying that during her call last week, “she told me she wanted me to come over” even though she had an order of protection.

“I loved them,” Desmesyeux said numbly. “I’ve been fighting for them.”

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