Memorial Foundation Created to Honor Hero Father James Kim

“James Kim put himself through a desperate ordeal, climbing down a ravine over boulders and logs, through nearly impenetrable brush and in and out of an icy creek, in what one rescue leader called a ‘superhuman’ effort to save his family.”–San Francisco Chronicle

Background: In December of last year, hero father James Kim (pictured) gave his life trying to save his wife and kids. Kim, his wife, and two daughters took a winter vacation in Oregon but took a wrong turn and found themselves stranded in snow and lost on an obscure backroad.

To learn more, see my blog post James Kim: Hero Father.

Some of James Kim’s co-workers at put together a short memorial video for Kim, featuring clips of Kim discussing his work and also his little daughters, and have reposted it on the anniversary of Kim’s death. To watch it, click here.

In his honor, James’ family and friends have established the James Kim Technology Foundation. The foundation provides San Francisco public schools, and the children who attend them, access to emerging technologies like the ones James covered every day for and Crave. To learn more about the James Kim Technology Foundation, go to the foundation’s website at

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